Automotive Crates

AutomotiveCHEP provides automotive customers with access to a consistent, high quality pool of reusable pallets and accessories eliminating the need for capital outlay and increasing operational efficiencies.

Automotive Pallets are ideal for the transportation and storage of automotive parts for passenger & commercial vehicles and tractors.

Full details and product specifications can be found by using the Product Finder on the right.

Automotive Pallets - the benefits for your business

  • Minimise handling costs - CHEP automotive pallets have a consistent design enabling use with standard equipment such pallet jacks and forklifts
  • Improve production efficiencies, as full size automotive pallets are suitable for automated production and warehouse facilities
  • Available on-demand to ensure no delay in production during peak or unexpected spikes
  • Reduce occupational health and safety risk with robust construction for the safe handling of heavy loads
  • Save on storage costs as empty pallets can be stacked 0 high on a level and solid base
  • Options for accessories for component parts that are difficult to store and transport safely on pallets alone

In Summary

  • Pallets, pallet cages, pallet collars & lids available to provide flexible solutions
  • Environmentally friendly with no disposable packaging entering the waste stream
  • Quality material and robust construction
  • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business

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