Supply chain optimisation and lower costs using pallet pooling



Wooden Pallets

Plastic Pallets2

Plastic Pallets   

Using a pallet pool enables you to obtain supply chain efficiency by improving handling processes and reducing storage costs. Reusable pallets are durable and available worldwide in conveniently located service centres close to you at a time that suits you.

Pallet sizes vary across regions and while there is no universally accepted standard, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO Standard 6780) has sanctioned six pallet dimensions and CHEP can supply pallets matching all specifications for both domestic and international transfers.

Pallets - Pooling the benefits for your business

  • Reduce operational costs - no capital outlay for one way pallets or shipping platforms
  • Gain greater budget flexibility as you only pay for what you need, when you need it
  • Solve materials handling requirements with access to advice from industry experts
  • Meet supply needs during times of seasonal or unexpected spikes as equipment is available on-demand
  • Reduce staff costs with no pallet procurement or disposal programs to manage
  • Save on capital expenditure with no obsolete equipment on your balance sheet
  • Focus on your core business, not equipment pooling
  • Reduce environmental impact with reusable packaging
  • Save on storage costs by holding less pallet inventory - you can collect and return pallets to CHEP at any time

In Summary

  • Reduced capital expenditure - CHEP bears the cost of running the pooling equipment network
  • Quality equipment available on-demand in a condition that is fit for use
  • Outsource the expense, labour and skills required to run an equipment pool
  • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business

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