Equipment Pooling Solutions from CHEP

What is equipment pooling? How does it work?

In its simplest form, equipment pooling (e.g. a pallet pool) is the shared use of high quality standard pallets and containers by multiple customers who collectively benefit from the network scale of the pool, versus trying to manage reusable equipment individually. Pooling is a strategic business option for companies that want to reduce capital expenditure and improve day-to-day supply chain operations. A typical cycle would be:

  • CHEP service centre issues ready-for-use pallets and containers to aviation and automotive suppliers, manufacturers and growers for use and movement through the supply chain
  • Products are loaded onto the CHEP equipment and shipped through the supply chain
  • At the end of the supply chain, the receiving business unloads the goods and returns the pallets or containers to the nearest CHEP Service Centre
  • At the service centre, CHEP inspects and conditions all returned pallets and containers to ensure they meet quality standards. The equipment is then made ready for re-use.

Outsourced Equipment Pooling - the benefits for your business

  • Eliminate significant capital expenditure by removing one way packaging and moving costs from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Ability to outsource the expense, labour and skills required to run a pallet pool to CHEP's team of experts
  • Eliminate fixed costs of procuring and maintaining equipment and only pay hire for the equipment you use
  • Capacity to meet seasonal or unexpected peaks with access to additional pallets and containers
  • Reduced occupational health and safety risk with ancillary products and services available to ensure heavy loads are handled, contained and stored safely
  • Assured compatibility with all standard equipment within the supply chain through consistent product design and specification
  • Greater transferability with less handling and cost with a continuous flow of industry-standard platforms
  • Ability to transfer equipment between your business and others, as and when you need it
  • Minimise losses and reduce the cost of controlling materials handling equipment with access to CHEP's equipment control expertise
  • Benefit from regular innovations in pooled equipment platforms and systems without outlaying capital
  • Leverage CHEP's experience of operating numerous other supply chain systems for diverse businesses around the world

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