CHEP Industry Expertise

CHEP is the only global supplier of equipment pooling solutions. A long history of working with industry professionals and developing in-depth industry knowledge, coupled with a dedicated commitment to finding the best solution for each customer environment has resulted in the widespread adoption of CHEP equipment pooling across a diverse range of industries.

CHEP understands how to manage issues like supply chain palletisation, international trade, automotive logistics, aviation processes and semi-bulk liquid transfer. CHEP has proven experience in managing the design, procurement and commissioning of customised packaging solutions as well as delivering standardised industry equipment solutions.

CHEP knows how to develop and procure the right sort of equipment and manage an equipment pooling network to offer you cost effective materials handling solutions. Dedicated staff understand what it takes to ensure the smooth running of supply chain logistics - from planning and control to the delivery of the right equipment to the right place at the right time.

Innovation is a key business objective for all CHEP employees. Whether it is through environmental sustainability programs or innovation in product design and testing, CHEP is constantly looking for ways to take supply chain management to the next level.

Every day, customers from over 50 countries from large corporations to small business rely on CHEP's industry expertise to keep their supply chain moving.

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